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Mental Health Services

This site offers a range of information about providing initial help to a person experiencing a mental health problem. Also available from the site is information about the courses and training packing offered. Vision in Mind offers this award winning course designed by Betty Kitchener and Professor Tony Jorm. As the name implies it is a course about first Aid for Mental Health. We have found this course liberating for all who attend. It demystifies and destigmatises mental illness. It is a practical yet stimulating tool which will unlock many doors leading to education, confidence, and ability to both prevent and control mental illness. Please see the Mental Health First Aid website by clicking on the heading or visiting and visit our Testimonial Page.

Corporate Communique for events outside the square

Corporate Communique is a unique, creative, energetic and highly professional team of event organizers. Fay has spoken at many of their conferences across Australia and can attest to how exciting and captivating their events are. Corporate Communique has used Fay Jackson as a Keynote Speaker at a number of our conferences and we can’t recommend her highly enough. She continues to receive standing ovations for her unique angle on mental health, presented with both captivating stories and serious strategies for working with people affected by mental health. A key strength is her ability to relate the subject matter to any number of different audiences making it both interesting and importantly, relevant.

Fay is flexible to deal with, always punctual, well prepared and strives to get the most out of every one of her presentations.

Feedback from our delegates always has Fay at the top of the list of preferred speakers and we will continue to both use and recommend Fay on a regular basis.

Jenny Boden, Managing Director, Corporate Communiqué,

Events Outside the Square

Phone: 03 5977 0244

Mobile: 0419 582 884


Flourish Australia

Our Vision is creating communities where everyone’s mental health and wellbeing flourishes. Our Purpose is supporting people to flourish, believe in their future and their place in the community. Our Values uphold trust, respect, hope, inclusion, integrity, diversity and partnership. If you or someone you care for needs support with their mental health or the NDIS, talk to us today on 1300 779 270 and one of our friendly staff will connect you with the right people and services for your needs. No referral necessary.
Head office
Address: 5 Figtree Drive, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127
Telephone: (02) 9393 9000 / 1300 779 270 for general enquiries 1300 356 874 for NDIS enquiries
Fax: (02) 8756 5050 Your local office:
Call 1300 779 270 to be connected to your closest Flourish Australia office.

Australian Rotatory Health Research Fund

The Australian Rotary Health Research fund is an amazing national charity which has as its current focus, Mental Health. The ARHRF is running public forums, symposiums, conferences, work place forums and are working their way around Australia in a safari bus and convoy distributing information, guiding people and providing essential links to agencies which can help people in need. For more information log onto

Fay has supported this life saving project for the past 5 years and was honoured and humbled to have received their Australian Rotary Health Research Fund.

Medal for Meritorious Service to Community. If you have the opportunity to attend one of their Mental Health Public Forums the ARHRF run in conjunction with Beyondblue you will experience a challenging, educational and encouraging experience. The forums have a panel of speakers which consists of a Carer, a Consumer (a person with mental illness) and a Clinician. Please see the Mental Health First Aid website by clicking on the heading or visiting

SANE Australia

SANE Australia is a national charity helping people affected by mental illness. What is so unique about this organization is the fact that it is not funded by any state or federal government money. There for SANE is able to have unbiased comment on the state of mental health in Australia. Fay and Vision in Mind is extremely proud to be associated with this charity which not only runs unbiased political and social commentary but also funds news breaking and incredibly important research into the sate of mental health in Australia. For more information on their services please visit their site by clicking on the heading or visiting

Beyond Blue

Is the national depression initiative. It is delivering much needed education and destigmatising programs to the Australian Community. Beyondblue offers comprehensive material on a range on mental health issues. The site contains interactive checklists, printable fact sheets and many other resources. Fay Jackson has been on the Consumer and Carer committee of Beyondblue since its early inception. For more information see the website by clicking on the heading or visiting

Mood Gym

Is the free, on line, cognitive behavioral therapy which Fay Jackson and Vision in Mind recommends to people. You can access this through their website at

“The feedback from our staff following the mental health training delivered by Fay has been extremely positive. Overall, the staff has increased awareness of mental health issues. They feel more confident in asking clients questions relating to mental health and emotional well being and they can appropriately assist clients access services in the community that provides support in preventative, responsive and emergency situations.”
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