Our Mission

Vision in Mind is dedicated to delivering unique solutions to issues pertaining to recovery, stress and mental health in the workplace, services, and community.

  • To deliver education and training that is practical, user-friendly and engaging.
  • To enable companies, services, and communities to have high quality, sustainable outcomes that exceed current and expected results.
  • To deliver real, measurable, recovery, wellbeing and stress management workshops and presentations for services who work directly with people with mental ill-health.
  • To deliver high-quality recovery, wellbeing and stress management workshops and presentations
  • We aim to increase the wellbeing of each individual leading to improved employee retention, workplace relations, profit margins, sustainable futures, OH&S standards, HR outcomes, customer service, and individual lives.
“The feedback from our staff following the mental health training delivered by Fay has been extremely positive. Overall, the staff has increased awareness of mental health issues. They feel more confident in asking clients questions relating to mental health and emotional well being and they can appropriately assist clients access services in the community that provides support in preventative, responsive and emergency situations.”
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