Supporting and Managing Staff with Mental Health Issues

This nationally and internationally recognised course is a practical, engaging, and stimulating workshop. It teaches you to recognise the different stages of mental health from the early warning signs through to acute mental illness and how to deal with it. Many employees are able to obtain Continuing Proffessional Development points by doing this training with Fay Jackson. Fay is a Principal Master Trainer in MHFA.

It empowers people to best manage issues involved in mental health and is particularly important in WHS, HR, diversity, HR Management, workplace relations and customer service.

The course covers:

Facts and figures about mental health in Australia
MHFA for depressed people
MHFA for Suicidality
Non-suicidal self injury
Symptoms of Anxiety
MHFA for anxiety and panic attacks
Post traumatic stress
How to help after a traumatic event
MHFA for psychosis
MHFA for drug and alcohol use
Realistic and positive thinking

Participants will be provided with a manual, tools and knowledge which will enable them to feel in control, rather than stumbling around in the dark, reactive and fearful. Managers and staff will feel more confident in dealing with colleagues, clients and members of the general public who have stress and mental health issues.

This wonderful course designed by Betty Kitchener and Professor Tony Jorm of Mental Health First Aid is as the name implies first aid for mental health.

We have found this course liberating for all who attend. It demystifies and destigmatises mental illness. It is a practical yet stimulating tool which will unlock many doors leading to education, confidence, and ability to both prevent and control mental illness.

Fay has been awarded Principal Master Trainer in this life changing certified course. Last year MHFA bestowed upon Fay the inaugural MHFA Champion Award. Please see the Mental Health First Aid Website at and visit our Testimonial Page.
“Fay visited Alice Springs in mid-June 2008 as Guest Speaker for a public forum to help raise community awareness around mental illness. With a wide array of personal (and often colourful!) stories, Fay’s passion and dedication to helping destigmatise mental illness shone through. Her presentation was rich with information, warm, humourous and highly engaging, and all who attended greatly appreciated the insights and wisdom she shared. Thanks Fay. It was wonderful to meet you. Fay also delivered 2 workshops -‘Supporting Health Workers’ and ‘Young People and Mental Illness.’ Both workshops were well attended and left people wanting to more.”
Rita Riedel
Training & Promotions Officer, Mental Health Association of Central Australia
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