Peer Worker and Lived Experience Staff Training and Supervision

Fay Jackson is a Principal Master Trainer in Peer Worker and Lived Experience Staff Training and Supervision. You may be eligable for Continuing Proffessional Development Points if you take this training.

If you would like to discuss or book some training please call us on 0438472254 or email

Youth Version Subjects

Adolescent development
What is MHFA for young people
Common youth mental health disorders
Depression in youth
MHFA for suicidality
MHFA for non-suicidal self-injury
Symptoms of anxiety in adolescents
MHFA for anxiety and panic attacks
MHFA for eating disorders
MHFA for bipolar
MHFA for psychosis
Drug and alcohol use
MHFA for drug and alcohol misuse
MHFA manuals
“The way Fay presents the Mental Health Awareness training material is so unique. I have never experienced such an inspiring, down to earth and memorable educational programme before.”
David Ailwood
Employee Relations Coordinator. Department of Education and Training, Illawarra & South Coast
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