Peer Worker and lived Experience Staff Training and Supervision

Vision in Mind will work with you to devise creative, high quality and sustainable programs and solutions to the issues you face in the workplace. We will enable you to have an enviable environment which will give your workplace a leading edge over your competitors.

Fay Jackson is frequently asked by managers “What is the difference between the mental illness and the persons character?” This is often quite easy to explain and once managers are educated about this they find performance management a great deal easier.

The costs to the workplace

As a manager you will be doing your company or employees a great disservice if you do not take full advantage of every member of staffs capabilities. Very often companies, services and educational environments have staff members and students who have incredible gifts and talents but who may be hiding them under a bushel or are not given the opportunity to use the talents to the best of their abilities. This leads to a ‘less than the best’ outcome for the individual and for the company, service or educational institution.

We will help you design:
  • Work Place Adjustments
  • Training and educational programs
  • Pre-emptive Agreements
  • Talent registers
  • SWOT Analysis both personal and departmental

Possible signs and symptoms of depression in the workplace.

  • Decreased productivity
  • Morale problems
  • Lack of co-operation
  • Safety problems, accidents
  • Frequent complaints of being tired all the time
  • Complaints of unexplained aches & pains
  • Disorganised thinking
  • Forgetfulness
  • Alcohol &/or other drug misuse

Possible signs and symptoms of Mania in the workplace

  • Increased productivity due to increased awareness of what is needed to create a great outcome
  • Creative thinking
  • Increased physical energy
  • Outgoing personality
  • Ability to convince other to work hard and adopt positive changes to work practices
  • Strong desire to please
  • Increased sales
  • Grandiose ideas
  • Disorganised thinking
  • Forgetfulness both of the last two points can be managed by the diligent use of a diary)
  • Decreased productivity due to inability to concentrate and excitable sometimes inappropriate behaviour
  • Inappropriate divulgence of information
  • Inappropriate spending or decision making without consulting others
  • Possible sexual misconduct or being preyed upon by others
Alcohol &/or other drug misuse is a common symptom of stress and mental illness in the workplace.

If you do a Google search of famous people with mental illness, you will discover literally hundreds of both historical and contemporary movers and shakers, leaders, politicians, mathematicians, scientists, visual and performing artists, sporting champions etc who at one time or another have had mental illness.

“Until I heard your (Fay Jackson) educational and inspiring speech I had no idea that the way I was dealing with people I was called to pick up was affecting their immediate health and the outcomes of the future of both the individual and their family. We must change the way we are dealing with people with mental health problems.”
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