Supporting and Managing Staff with Mental Health issues

Australian businesses lose over $6.5 billion each year by failing to provide early intervention/treatment for employees with stress and mental health conditions.

Let Vision in Mind bring practical stress management training to your workplace.

Stress management workshop includes

Discussion about stress, e.g. how does stress affect motivation, energy and goals. What are the sources of stress?
What is special about stress in your workplace?
Customers and their stress
You can't save the world discussion
Basic information on depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.
Laughter is the best medicine
Time Management
Stages of Change
Life in Balance
Goal Setting
Problem Solving
Decision Making
Listening skills
Assertive verses aggressive communication
Positive/realistic thinking
The miracle question and future planning
Managing Stress Plan
Looking after yourself e.g. health and wellbeing in a sedentary job
Relaxation and mindfulness
“I learnt more practical and sustainable solutions from your delivery of the Mental health First Aid Course than I did during my entire degree in psychology at university.”
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