Anna Georgia

Anna Georgia has filmed, directed, produced and edited motivational and educational DVDs for Vision In Mind. Her film "Down Side Up" about Fay and her attitudes to her bipolar disorder was short listed for the 2006 Hope Awards. Anna believes that a little angel on your shoulder is not quite enough to ensure your on the right track in life. Most heard sayings "come here and I'll give you a cuddle love", "its all good" and "Umm its about the computer George". Anna has also embarked on the speaking circuit. She is incredibbly energetic, has an amazing story to tell of her many years of world travel, working with Indigenous people around the world put particulary in Australia. Please also see our video page where you can see "Down Side Up". Anna will teach you about her journey with her own mental health, about being the daughter of a person with bipolar and she will have you dancing, singing, and using body percussion. Do yourself a favour and book Anna. You can also book Fay nad Anna as a double act.

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