Important notice: In March, 2013, NSW Mental Health Commission appointed Fay Jackson to be a Deputy Commissioner. She is honoured to be serving her brothers, sisters and the Commission in mental health and wellbeing.The Commission’s aim is to guide services, the community and the government towards much improved mental health services and wellbeing for all people in NSW. The NSW Commission is focused on a whole of government, whole of community, inter-generational, whole of health and well-being approach and outcomes.

Although Fay is a Deputy Commissioner she will continue to provide her valuable services as the CEO of Vision In Mind through presentations, training, and education.


Vision in Mind offers a variety of unique services, consultancy, keynote presentations, training and education. We specialize in:

  • Mental health and motivation in workplaces, educational institutions, services and the community
  • Continuing Proffesional Development points for Mental Health First Aid
  • Recovery
  • Managing Staff With Mental Health Issues
  • Wellbeing
  • Resiliency and Stress Management
  • Peer Support Worker training
  • Bullying and Harrassment
  • Public Speaking
  • Media Representation

CEOs, managers, HR, Diversity and WHS practitioners are realizing how important mental health is to their workplaces. However they often do not have the knowledge to deal with these issues. If your workplace wants to improve its outcomes, Vision In Mind can help.

If your service or community is in need of recovery training we deliver practical training to workers, Psychologically Diverse Citizens (consumers) and carers.

Fay Jackson, CEO of Vision In Mind is the recipient of multiple awards in mental health education and training at state and national levels, and has been honoured by a nomination for the NSW Woman of the Year Award, was also honoured with the inaugural Mental Health First Aid Champion Award and the National Meitorious Service to Community amongst many others.

Fay is not only a leading consultant in mental health but is also one of the few people in the world who has been awarded the status of Principal Master Trainer in Mental Health First Aid in the Adult, Intellectual Disability and Youth versions. This is a certified course and many people belonging to a number of associations are able to get CPD points when trained by Fay.


Fay Jackson - CEO


Vision In Mind specializes in mental health, resiliency and stress management in the workplace pertaining to:

  • WH&S
  • HR
  • Diversity of personnel and outcomes
  • Wellbeing
  • Continuing Proffessional Development points
  • Profit margins
  • Sustainability
  • Policies
  • Leading edge companies and communities
  • Customer service
  • Peer Support
  • Litigation

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"Dear Fay, It was a real honour to have you (Fay) as our guest speaker at our recent staff  forum Refresh, Renew, Reframe.   Your performance was nothing short of brilliant and all present found you to be extraordinarily funny and entertaining. You showed an outstanding ability to humanise your experiences as a consumer in such a delight.

I sincerely want to thank you on behalf of the Registrar, Leith and Cindy and I in Wellness Matters, and our QUT Managers and staff who attended your workshop and keynote presentations last week on Monday September 2 nd .

I consider us extremely fortunate to have been able to have you visit given your busy schedule. To be able to share the stories and insights and experience you offered was such a leap for us in this program area. It was such an important opportunity for our University to gain better understanding of the challenges of living with a mental health condition, working and functioning with an illness and medications and the unpredictability of managing complex health issues. As you rightly pointed out the comorbidities and side effects of medications conspire to reduce the life expectancy by at least 15-25 years which is a confronting statistic.

It was extremely important for our staff and community to see you ( including the live stream to Caboolture campus), listen to you and feel emotions to help us all challenge existing biases, beliefs and misconceptions and to encourage us all to be more supportive for anyone who may be living with a mental health condition. I loved your comment “out past Hay…. It's a hole!....not like Caboolture!” loved it and laughed with you too.

Fay I hope your personal health is buoyant and that you can set a sustainable pace for yourself  to be able to continue your excellent work and fulfil your dreams and goals. You truly are a very special person.

Warmest regards

Deb Ward-Mackay   AEP-ESSAM,M App Sci (Clin Ex Sci) B Ed (Phys Ed)
Senior Program Coordinator- Wellness Matters 
Health and Safety Services
Human Resources Department
Queensland University of Technology

Fay realises that every person, workplace and community are unique. Therefore we offer courses tailored to suit the needs of your company and community as well as certified courses such as the Adult and Youth Mental Health First Aid Certificate course. We deliver these services with vision, creativity, humour, passion and professionalism. Vision In Mind was previously known as Open Minds Consultancy. We have changed our name to reflect the diverse educational services we now offer and partnerships we have formed.

Our educational and training programs are designed for large corporations, services, small businesses and communities and are delivered at a venue of your choice.

The recovery, prevention and management of mental health, resiliency and stress management, managing and supporting staff with mental illness, Aboriginal mental health, mental health in the country as well as the cities, building harrassment and bully free environments in work places, services and communities are our main focus.

We deliver excellent and clear training for mental health Peer Support Workers.

Fay Jackson is also a nationally renown motivational and keynote speaker on mental health, humour and public participation.

If you need education about resiliency and stress management, prevention of mental illness, recovery, bipolar disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia, depression, duel diagnosis (drug and alcohol issues and mental illness), Dual Disability or any other mental health issue we would be honoured if you would allow us to help you.

The World Health Organization predicts that by the year 2020 mental health will be the leading cause of disability and the second leading cause of death in first world countries. with 1 in 4 people in any 12 month period experiencing a mental health issue it is estimated that 50% of people, over the course of their life time, will suffer from short or long term mental illness. With this in mind it is impossible for workplaces, educational institutions, communities and individuals to not be affected either directly or indirectly. Now is the time to learn about what to do to prevent and minimize the concerns raised about this increasing problem.

Our Mission                               

Vision In Mind is dedicated to delivering unique solutions to issues pertaining to recovery, stress and mental health in the work place, services and community.

To deliver education and training that is practical, user friendly and engaging.

To enable companies, services and communities to have high quality, sustainable outcomes which exceed current and expected results.

To deliver real, measurable, recovery, wellbeing and stress management workshops and presentations for services who work directly with people with mental ill health.

To deliver high quality recovery, wellbeing and stress mnagement workshops and presentations

We aim to increase the wellbeing of each individual leading to improved employee retention, work place relations, profit margins, sustainable futures, OH&S standards, HR outcomes, customer service and individual lives.



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